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The Rustin Wolves



Wolf's Bane

Save the World or Save the Love of Your Life?

Twin brothers Jake and Casey Rustin, littermates of a shape-shifting family of wolves, have never gotten along. Casey is a laid back surf bum/jewel thief and Jake finds himself always cleaning up the mess when his brother gets in trouble.

But when Jake falls for a New Orleans bar owner Aubrey Brighton and Casey finds himself attracted to Chandra Crofter, a beautiful doctor visiting from India, the brothers are suddenly thrust into the middle of a conspiracy to open the gates of hell.

Each woman is an unwilling lynchpin in the plot of a clutch of vampires to free their deity, the Hindu death goddess, Kali, from her captivity in hell. According to legend, Chandra is the lock and Aubrey is the key that keeps the angry goddess from unleashing destruction on humankind. For one woman to live, the other must die, but no one knows which brother is fated to lose the only woman he can ever love.
If Jake and Casey can put aside their petty differences and work together they might just be able to save the world and both their chances at the love of a lifetime. edge-of-your-seat paranormal romance!

                ...Can't wait to see what's next--more, more, more please!


Fox Glove

Magic is alive and well and out to kill the rest of us!

Littermates Cordelia and Luke Rustin couldn't be more different than their older brothers. Cordy and Luke have been as close as can be, barely apart from each other for twenty-eight years. They never fought a day in their lives until Luke came home a changed man. Cordy feels the link between herself and her brother weakening and it's got her worried. The last time the Rustin pack-link was broken they lost a sister. The time before that their parents were murdered. What kind of magick could be strong enough to interfere in the family link?

Jadra Wu's goal in life is to free her venerable ancestor Liu Che the infamous sorcerer Emperor of the Han Dynasty from his immortality curse. To do that, she needs wolf's blood. Her hunt leads her to Luke Rustin who she manages to capture under her spell. 

Magnolia Whitmore has known Luke Rustin since they were ten years old. She's been in love with him since they were twelve, but he never saw her as more than his sister's friend. Now a Chinese sorceress has him under her spell and when Cordy asks for help to free her brother, no way can Maggie say no to saving the man she loves, even if he doesn't love her back.



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